What Men Want!

Men want a Slay Queen, Pray Queen & Play Queen!

Men know what they want from women!

A woman who shows these qualities stand a better chance of being married than one who does not. 

Men can date a woman forever, meet a new woman today and marry her tomorrow! Why? Because she is what they want in a woman! Become that woman!

Men want a home builder! Any woman can become that!

Men Want Sex!

A sexually satisfied man will overlook many faults. A sexually starved man is like a tiger - always angry!

Sex plays a big role in the relationship!

Women want to feel admired. When a man wants to have sex with his wife, it communicates attraction.

Sex builds trust. If you are not having sex at home...where are you having it?

Men Want Respect!

Women become extremely attractive when showing respect!

Respect is more important to men than most women realise!

A disrespectful woman, will never be married or will get divorced.

Men find respect irresistible. They also find disrespect extremely repulsive!