Partner with us!

What is Partnership

  • Being a partner means owning the Phago Family Movement just as much as Joe and Phumzile.

  • It means being responsible for the growth and success of the Phago Family Movement as much as Joe & Phumzile.

  • It means God will reward you for the lives impacted by Phago Family just as He will reward Joe & Phumzile.

  • "Who will listen when you talk like this? We share and share alike - those who go to battle and those who guard the equipment." 1 Samuel 30:24

Benefits of Partnership

  • Our partners get member login access to unique content created especially for them.

  • Get to interact monthly with us via Zoom and more via WhatsApp and also physically on Sundays.

  • Have priority on all Phago Family events.

  • Get to know more about this Movement and get to own it, shape it and its impact.

  • Get rewarded by God for everything this Ministry achieves.

Responsibilities of Partners


Pray for this Movement regularly. God still answers prayer.


Give financially to the Movement


Interact with the Movement: attend events where possible and interact on social media (share, like & comment) where possible

Responsibilities of Phago Family


We pray for our partners regularly. God still answers prayer.


We create material for partners and others.

We share detailed information about the Movement with the partners.


Interact with the partners. Through monthly Zoom meetings, through WhatsApp and also physically on Sundays.

Together, we are unstoppable!

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Our Banking Details:

CAPITEC 1267266811

Review of 2022 & Vision for 2023

Fam, we are thankful for 2022! Our vision is to help build flourishing families. Because families are central to everything. Strong families are needed to strengthen the communities and nations. In 2022, we reached the following milestones:

  1. VIDEOS: We have over 1 million video views. Which is made up of over 440k video views on YouTube and over 500k video views on Facebook. We have over 100k video views on Twitter and thousands of views on Instagram & hundreds on Tik Tok.

  2. WEBSITE: We built & launched our website www.Phago.Family. The one place where all our services are listed in an intuitive easy to understand manner & accessible to you Fam.


    • We hosted the inaugural Couples Weekend Away & Marriage Seminar at a private Game Reserve. It was attended by bi-racial, multi generational couples from 2 countries. Totally life changing.

    • We honoured 4 invitations to lead marriage seminars at churches. Two were Ministry (non denominational) churches. All vibrant & leading churches.

    • Online Seminars - we had 6 online monthly marriage seminars with guest speakers. Attendance was from 3 countries: Botswana🇧🇼, South Africa🇿🇦 & Eswatini 🇸🇿

  4. FACEBOOK: Our posts have been seen over 10 million times by over 3 million people since 2020. We have lots of videos right here on Facebook that you have never seen! Check

  5. TWITTER: We have over a million impressions - number of times people have seen our tweets. Check us out

  6. We created a new series on PARENTING & posted on YouTube. with us in 2023 & enable us to do more! What we do requires time & money. To do more, we need to devote more time or hire people to help us. We are not content to remain where we are!

We have 3 goals for 2023:

    • Reach 10 million interactions, views or impressions on all our social media & physical platforms combined in one year 2023!

    • Secondly, create new world class material. Create more value for our partners.

    • Continue breaking barriers: reach more countries & more races.